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Bringing the forward thinking field of Neuromarketing to everyone.

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Case Study: How PayPal use Neuromarketing

Episode 1

What is Neuromarketing? Why is this important in the digital age? What big companies are using it?

Episode 2

How do our unconscious emotions influence our consumer choices? How can we influence emotions in marketing?

Episode 3

Case Study: How Smint uses Neuromarketing

How has Smint used Neuromarketing to grow their brand? Has their marketing made you more likely to buy?

Sensory Marketing 2: Sound &


How are companies like Ikea, Cadbury and Instagram using sound and taste to increase their marketing effectiveness?


We're on a mission to bring the forward thinking field of Neuromarketing research to everyone.

Marketing is people-centric, making it important to understand the 'why' and 'how' of consumer behaviour to inform more effective marketing.

The NeuroGenius Marketing Podcast is hosted by Roisin and Sarah - each episode focusing on a new and exciting topic from the field of Neuromarketing. We'll see you there!

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